IELTS Speaking Sample 19 با موضوع فیلم

IELTS Speaking Sample 19 با موضوع فیلم

IELTS Speaking Sample 19

آکادمی آیلتس دید جدیدترین سوالات رایتینگ و اسپیکینگ آیلتس، حتی سوالات چند ماه اخیر را در این وب‌سایت گردآوری کرده و با یاری اساتید نخبه آیلتس، به آن‌ها پاسخ دقیق و سطح بالایی را ارائه می‌دهد. برای دسترسی به لینک سوالات و پاسخ‌های آماده شده، بر روی این لینک کلیک کنید.
در IELTS Speaking Sample 19 موضوع فیلم را مورد بررسی قرار می‌دهیم.

موضوع این هفته: فیلم


Do you like watching films?

Definitely yes. I adore watching films and I believe that films and TV series are the joys of my life….you know, besides the books that I read, films and series teach me numerous things, contribute a lot to broadening my understanding of the universe around, and most importantly, I consider them my first and foremost entertainment. 

What kind of movies do you like best?

Movies from all types of genres, but fantasy is always prioritized to me, then, historical and western follow. To tell you the truth, my crazy and somewhat philosophical mind has taught me to question the meaning of reality; therefore, when it comes to watching fantasy, I consider the movies in this genre as more real than realistic types of movies and I watch them with a burning passion as if all the chain of events and the fantastic creatures are real.

Do you prefer foreign films or films made in your country?

I have never been into Iranian movies as they leave me an impression of being inauthentic on me…you know, movies made in Iran must abide by Islamic rules, therefore, a director can’t put the full potential of his thoughts and imaginations into practice. In fact, what I mostly prefer to watch is American movies and TV series since they are undeniable masterpieces which bring consummate professionals into light. 

How often do you watch films?

Actually I’m a movie buff… I think, I watch films, two, three times a week and if I have spare time off my work, I will definitely watch two movies every day.

How often do you go to a cinema to watch a movie?

Once in a blue moon! Well, the fact is, the spectacularly successful American movies that I am fascinated by watching are not allowed to be featured in Iranian  cinemas…well, due in large part to strict religious rules. I only go to the cinema whenever I am abroad.

Do people in your country like to go to a cinema to watch a film?

Most of them do, of course! You know, unlike me, who cares too much about successful movies with glowing reviews, people consider movies as simple forms of entertainment, which is totally unacceptable to me. Just some snacks and minutes to waste away watching an unmitigated disaster of an Iranian movie. 

What was the first film you watched?

Oh, gotta jog my memory. My father, just like me, has been a movies freak, that’s why I remember numerous parts of various movies from my childhood. But, as far as I remember, Harry Potter: Sorcerer’s Stone was the first movie I remember watching completely. 

Do you like to watch movies alone or with another friend?

To be honest, there are some romances and tragic movies that make me cry, and since I am not interested in my friends’ seeing me shedding tears like a sentimental man, I’d rather watch such movies wheenver I am alone; however, the best moments are those when you hang out with friends and also watch a comedy, and laugh your heads off. 

Would you like to be in a movie?

Oh no, never! I have never taken myself to be an actor. Being an introverted person, I loathe being exposed to so much attention, and most importantly, I have never had that kinda artistic talent.


شما نیز می‌توانید پاسخ‌های خود را به این سوالات نوشته و در بخش کامنت‌ها برای ما ارسال نمایید تا برایتان به‌صورت رایگان تصحیح نماییم.

با آکادمی زبان‌ها و آیلتس دید، در دوره های آیلتس دید شرکت نموده تا به نمره دلخواه خود برسید.  


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