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Writing Tips

Writing Tips

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to writing an academic text. If you aim to take IELTS, TOEFL, or any other international English tests where writing is an integral part of the test, you have to be aware of the factors according to which your text is assessed. writing tips


Four Criteria defnining the quality of your academic subject

Vocabulary (25%), Grammar (25%), Cohesion (25%), Task Achievement (25%)

Starting with vocabulary, we have to point out to the fact that using right words in the right context is of high significance when it comes to writing something powerful and academic. What we suggest you do in order to score high in writing is to learn to use words in the right context. For example, quick and fast are synonymous; however, it is a mistake to use ‘quick’ with food, the right word is fast. So ‘fast food’ is the right collocation, and using ‘quick’ instead of ‘fast’ makes your speech sound unnatural. writing tips


How to Learn the right collocations writing tips

There are plenty of sources you can choose to learn the right words for the right contexts. Books such as Collocations in Use, Vocabulary in Use, Oxford Word Skills are the most popular ones. When you face an academic writing question which demands you to come forth with the causes of traffic congestion and the ways to address this problem, prior to brainstorming, you have to note down some technical vocabulary about the subject in question. Let’s take a quick look at the following page from the book Collocations in Use: Advanced and learn some collocations about traffic and driving. writing tips

writing tips

How to Learn the right collocations

writing tips - Grammar


If you are aiming for a high score, you must bear in mind that you need to use complex sentences, but not too complicated ones. For instance, using the adjective clause is a way to combine two sentences and make a complex one. But, try not to overcomplicate things, like writing a sentence that stretches for two-three lines, resulting in nothing but the confusion of the readers. Using the adjective clause, noun clause, adverbial clause, passive structures, inversions can empower your writing. writing tips

Whatever the subject you write about, try to make it sound natural, for that matter, it would be a great idea to read as many accademic TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Reading Comprehension texts as you can to find out how sentences are woven to one another. writing tips



When a reader reads your text, you don’t want them to be thrown in an ocean of confusion. To write a clear text with the utmost clarity and cohesion, you need to make sure that each paragraph has a topic sentence of its own. What is the topic sentence? it is the sentence that mostly appears at the top of the paragraph and summarizes the whole subject around which the paragraph is built. Each text you write is about a specific subject, like ‘overpopulation’. Take the following IELTS Writing Task 2 question into consideration: writing tips


IELTS Writing

To write a cohesive text, you need to write an introductory paragraph, at least two body paragraphs, one should be about the problems of overpopulation, another one about the solutions people can come up with, plus a concluding paragraph. All the paragraphs must support the main subject which is ‘overpopulation’, and each two ‘body paragraphs’ must have one topic sentences. writing tips


Conjunctions and Connectors for a cohesive paragraph

To empower your writing, using conjunctions and connectors are very important. But what are they? below we have provided you with a definition and a list of these words that can lend cohesion to your paragraphs.


Conjunctions and Connectors for a cohesive paragraph

IELTS Writing Skills

Task Achievement

If you intend to take IELTS, TOEFL or PTE exam, you may face essay or non-essay questions that demand a powerful academic answer. Take a look at the question above which is about ‘overpopulation’. It seems difficult at first glance, and writing around 250 words on this subject seems demanding, doesn’t it? To score high, you must read a diversity of academic texts in order to be able to come forward with an answer or reasoning which is sound and academic, not a simple uncomplicated text. An overall, task achievement means to answer a question completely without disregarding any parts of the question. writing tips

Here are some of the controversial topics we suggest you google and read some lines about to familiarize yourself with the topics that have resulted in numerous questions in IETLS-like exams:

Global Environmental Issues Such as Glocal Warming, Climate Change, Deforestation, Ocean Acidification, Waste Disposal, etc.

Social topics and Issues such as advantages and disadvantages of Globalization, Consumerism, the Media writing tips

Good Luck

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