IELTS 2019 Speaking part 1 Questions

IELTS 2019 Speaking part 1 Questions

در این مقاله بعضی از سوالات آزمون پارت یک آیلتس (IELTS 2019 Speaking part 1 Questions) را برای شما جمع‌آوری کرده و جواب داده‌ایم. توصیه ما این است که جواب‌های آماده‌شده را حفظ نکنید بلکه به لغت‌ها و collocationهای استفاده شده دقت کنید و استفاده آن را یاد بگیرید.

نکات و تکنیک های آیلتس - بخش اسپیکینگ


Answer to sample 1 of IELTS 2019 Speaking part 1

Of course I do. Who doesn’t? isn’t sky where the mysteries lie? I have this vivid memory of my childhood when I was mesmerized by sky and clouds with variety of shapes. I used to lie on the grass in our yard and stare at all those crazy shapes clouds took in my mind. I am also immeasurably enthralled by star-spangled night-sky of the desert.


Sample 2 answer - IELTS 2019 Speaking part 1

Well, each one has its own charm in fact. Since these days, I am short of time, I rarely go to a place like a desert to see the star-brimmed night sky, undoubtedly gazing at night sky more to my liking. Moreover, night sky reminds me of Paulo Coelho’s, magnum opus, The Alchemist which feels me with an unimaginably thrilling emotion, like the one when I read oriental tales such as A Thousand and One Night. Night sky does transport me back to a far distant past where fantasies were alive and people believed in magic.

Tip 1: When you want to answer IELTS Speaking questions, especially part 1, you can make up some fake answers, I mean you can simply lie. Examiners do not need facts of your life, their purpose is to assess your commands of the English language. Of course, you have to be to the point and do not stray off the topic. Sometimes the best strategy is to refer your own personal experiences too. Take IELTS 2019 Speaking part 1 Questions, I am sure you have had a similar experience of watching and being enormously fascinated by not just sky but the innumerable phenomena that the world had for you.


Sample 3 answer - IELTS 2019 Speaking part 1

To tell you the truth, that I have never passed any courses in astronomy has been the biggest pity in my life. I have my M.A degree in English degree and it is poems and all the novels I have read that have lent my eyes the capability of seeing infinite beauty in the sky and enjoy staring at a night full of the sky with unbounded joy.


Sample 4 answer - IELTS 2019 Speaking part 1

Well, that is hard to answer. I think both abound with special beauty of their own. Since I am living an overcrowded megacity like Tehran where it is difficult to see through all the pollution and enjoy clouds, even watching a blue sky with racing clouds has its charm to me. And as I already mentioned, I am passionate about sky night in a desert.


Sample 5 answer

Well, in fact as I live in Tehran whose sky is blurred gray by a huge blanket of pollution, I prefer not to watch the sky. I would rather take a trip to the countryside and spend a lot of time watching the vast blue sky, doesn’t matter what time, day or night.


You Answer IELTS 2019 Speaking part 1 Questions

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