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جدیدترین سوالات Speaking آیلتس

جدیدترین سوالات Speaking آیلتس درباره همسایه و خرید

در این مقاله بعضی از جدیدترین سوالات Speaking آیلتس به‌همراه پاسخ را برای شما فراهم کرده‌ایم. در پاسخ به سوالات شخصی که ممکن است هیچ‌وقت آن‌ها را تجربه نکرده باشید، سعی کنید تخیل خود را به‌کار ببرید. به‌یاد داشته باشید که ممتحن دنبال دروغ یا حقیقت نیست، بلکه فقط قصد تست سطح زبان انگلیسی شما را دارد. اگر قصد دارید نمره 7 یا بالاتر را کسب کنید، از ساختارهای مجهول (passive structure)، بند وصفی (adjective clause)، زمان حال کامل (present perfect) در کنار ساختارهای ساده‌تر استفاده کنید. لهجه در آزمون اسپیکینگ آیلتس مهم نیست؛ ولی تلفظ شما باید صحیح باشد.


جدیدترین سوالات Speaking آیلتس – درباره همسایه

جدیدترین نمونه سوالات اسپیکینگ آیلتس درباره همسایه

Who is your favorite neighbor?

Honestly speaking, since I’ve been living alone in a big metropolitan city away from my hometown due to my business, I don’t get to see my neighbors quite often. I, however, find the company of old Mr. Tayebi, who lives next door, enjoyable. He, in fact, lives in the next door apartment and is so kind and brings me some of the super delicious dishes her wife cooks.

Why do you think so?

well, as I already pointed out, he shows kindness, and in fact you are not received with such tremendous kindness in a gigantic megacity as Tehran where everyone minds only his/own business.

Do you invite your neighbors to your family functions sometimes?

Well, since I live alone these days away from all my family, nothing of that kind happens, yet it was some months ago when my parents traveled to Tehran to pay me a visit and when they found out about good old Mr. Tayebi and his wife, they invited them for dinner, and we had a whale of time with my father and Mr. Tayebi recounting marvelous tales of their old adventures.

How do you feel when they come and what do you do together?

Well, as a matter of fact, back in my hometown, what we mostly do is to talk about various political and social matters. Sometimes, the elderly relate the nostalgic tales of the distant past, and when some stories are touched with supernatural elements and motifs, I become so engrossed and listen with utmost passion.

Do you think keeping good relations with neighbors is important? Why/Why not?

Of course, it is. We, human beings need the company of each other under every circumstance, either good or bad. Neighbors can turn into real families and give a hand to each other in high and low, but neighbors should not be narrowed down into their practical functions, their simple company can make us joyous, like good old days.


 موضوع سری دوم سوالات اسپیکینگ آیلتس – درباره خرید

جدیدترین نمونه سوالات speaking آیلتس درباره خرید

Do you like shopping? Why/Why not.

Well, yes if I have enough money. I am keen on walking around aisles in big supermarkets and pick colorful food products. Besides, I adore choosing among diverse clothes and trying various clothes on before buying is to my liking.

What is the most famous shopping center in your city/area?

There is a newly-established mall called Mega Mall which houses numerous shops as well as a big supermarket where I do my shopping.

Why is it so famous?

Because of the variety of discounts offered by this supermarket, a lot of people gravitate toward buying everything from there. Besides, there is a super attractive playground for children in the top floor as well as a food court in the fifth floor, which have, to a large extent, contributed to the overall attraction.

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