IELTS Speaking Part 1 | سوالات اسپیکینگ آیلتس سال 2019 | موضوع: Dream

IELTS Speaking Part 1 | سوالات اسپیکینگ آیلتس سال 2019 | موضوع: Dream

IELTS Speaking Test Questions | موضوع: Dream | پارت اول

‌در وب‌سایت رسمی آکادمی دید، شما می‌توانید جدیدترین سوالات اسپیکینگ آیلتس را به‌همراه پاسخ‌های حرفه‌ای پیدا کنید. برای دسترسی به لیست سوالات پاسخ داده شده روی این لینک کلیک کنید. IELTS Speaking Test Questions

موضوع مد نظر این مقاله Dream است.

IELTS Speaking Test Questions | Part1: Dream

How long can you remember your dream when you wake up?

Well, since I don’t have a strong memory and always forget things quite fast, my dreams are slipped into forgetfulness as soon as I wake up. But, there are vivid dreams and nightmares which leave lasting impressions on me and are not left to oblivion easily, because, well, I think, such dreams and nightmares are simply associated with the events, things, and people that have deeper meanings in my daily life. IELTS Speaking Test Questions

Do you like hearing about others’ dreams?

It depends on whose dreams I want to hear. I would rather listen to friends’ dreams than strangers’. In fact, since dreams are manifestations of their unconscious desires, fears, and fantasies, I become so intrigued to listen to them and get to know them better. All and all, dreams will grant you deeper insights into the real side of people’s personality. IELTS Speaking Test Questions

Do you think dreams will affect life?

Well, it depends on whose life and dreams we are talking about. My friends and I are the kinds of people who are aware of the fact that dreams are illustrative of some emotions such as anxiety, fear, desire and nothing more; however, some people are superstitious and may find some mystical meanings concealed within their dreams, therefore, they may base some of their decisions on the impressions they receive from their dreams. IELTS Speaking Test Questions

Do you often have dreams at night?

Well, I have not given it much thought before, I think most of the nights, I do. Because I read a lot of novels and watch a great number of movies and series of every genre, my mind stores a great deal of information which blends with my other life events and situations, hence such images manifest themselves in different other bizarre and somewhat interesting forms. IELTS Speaking Test Questions

Have you had a bad dream before?

In the past, I used to have, which, I think was because I had less control over my emotions. Nowadays, since I am well-aware of what goes on in my mind because of all the psychological books I have read, my mind is always peaceful, thus no nightmares and bad dreams. IELTS Speaking Test Questions

What was the strangest dream you have had?

I am not sure which one to tell, but well, if I have to choose the weirdest, I should point out to the nightmare that I dreamed of myself fighting with hundreds of other versions of myself, just like the Matrix movie in which the protagonist, Neo fights with hundreds of other guys, named Mr. Smith, all of whom are similar to each other. I think that was because for over two weeks I had second thoughts about starting a business with a friend and I hated myself for hesitation. IELTS Speaking Test Questions

What do you usually dream about?

Well, I don’t remember exactly…but according to the shreds of thoughts that come to my mind right now, it is mostly about the events of my daily life and the jumble of movies, books and series I watch every day, nothing more. IELTS Speaking Test Questions

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